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Healthy Nutrients for Plants

Better than a fertilizer, Faster Growing Plants!
Discover the Organic Truth!

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Better than a fertilizer: An Organic Biological Stimulant

Grow healthy plants faster with Organic Truth's Biostimulants.

This organic, nutrient-dense additive boosts the health and growth for plants, vegetables and fruits. All while being safe, to use and practical. Discover what they do and why you should use them in your garden!


Fast Organic Growth
Indoor Garden Friendly


Learn about the benefits of our plant growth products. Great for your family, better for the earth! No harsh chemicals, ever!

Our biostimulants are certified organic and work with nature for better, faster results. Use them in your own garden and you'll be amazed by the difference they make!

Fern Leaves


Why Organic Truth?

Organic Truth Biostimulants are a new generation of natural growth enhancers that will help your plants grow faster, bigger, and healthier than ever before. They work by naturally stimulating plant growth from the inside out.


No more harmful chemicals or expensive fertilizers are needed. These natural superfoods will help give your plants everything they need while being safe and easy to use! 


Commitment To Better Life

We are committed to creating a better life for our customers and the planet. Our mission at Organic Truth is to help people grow their own food and live healthier lives.


We believe in creating an environment where we can all thrive by nourishing our bodies with organic nutrients for plants and soil.

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